Our Story

Our story begins with a woman suffering from acne from her teenage years into adulthood. Imagine trying almost every product out there hoping that this one might be the magic product to cure all of my skin problems. I never found that product.
Until I decided to make it myself.
I had just given birth to my son. I remember feeling overwhelmed and having a rush of emotions running through my mind every day. I also remember the love and strong connection I started to feel for my son. Although the connection took some time to form I was quickly falling for him more and more everyday. He is the best thing that ever happened to me and all I wanted was to spend my days being with him.
But I knew eventually I would have to go back to work.
That's when I got the idea of turning my long time passion into a business idea. I had already been working on some research and trying to make my own product that would target my skin care concerns. Coming from a science background, I was testing two formulations on my skin that were giving me some of the best results I've ever had. I remember looking in the mirror and seeing a new glow to my skin as I saw acne scars and dark spots begin to disappear. My skin had a silky texture as the bumps that were once there were now gone.
After some encouragement from my loved ones and friends I built the courage to jump into this new venture and see where it took me! I knew I wanted to be able to stay home with my newborn son but also be able to provide for my family financially. Today I am working on making Aliyna Skincare my primary career goal so that I can be there for my son and also have financial independence.
So how did we come up with the name Aliyna?

Aliyna is an arabic word that means "silk of heaven". That's what our goal at Aliyna Skincare is; we want to offer high quality products that will completely transform your skin into beautiful, radiant silky skin!

Our team worked hard to formulate products made from organic and vegan ingredients and target all skin types that have concerns dealing with acne, post acne scarring and dark spots, anti-aging signs, wrinkles, lack of moisture, lack of brightness and just overall wanting healthier looking skin.
If you're someone who has skin care concerns and is looking for a solution then we encourage you to give us a chance and see how our products can help you!